That’s what I said when I first heard the word. The spell check doesn’t recognize it either and that made me feel much better.

The word microbiome is a collection of microbes or microorganisms that inhabit an environment, creating a sort of community or a mini-ecosystem. Our human microbiome is made up of communities of symbiotic, commensal and pathogenic bacteria, along with fungi and viruses. Scientists have recently started to understand that the overall health of our microbiome determines whether pathogens in the gut cause disease or coexist peacefully.

Microbiome Medicine Summit: 33 health experts are sharing invaluable new, cutting edge health information related to our microbiome that you most likely won’t hear from your doctor. I’ve enjoyed every single story and information they shared so far, but my favorite was Summer Bock. She’s an expert on fermenting foods and, unlike me, she could explain the benefits of fermentation from a scientific point of view.

We are all busy and it’s hard to find time to listen to these talks, but they made it very convenient for us. You can load a low-resolution video or audio file and listen to it while cooking, cleaning, driving, etc. I listen to mine when I go for my daily walks. Plus, there are going to be FREE gifts offered by some of the guest speakers.

To learn more about microbiome, visit Live Science.



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